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Kramnik - Fritz


ChessPro Editorial staff applied a number of chess masters with the proposal to reveal what they think about the forthcoming Kramnik-Deep Fritz match in Bonn. Here are some of the answers.

Yuri Razuvaev, Russia

I think Vladimir has chances if he is in good condition. The previous match has proved this. But he probably will lack forces. He has energetic and not chess problems.
Computer to the positional point of view was conceived only as a pattern. Strategically it can not play refined due to the incorporated program. Not because it is "dull" but because it is limited in it's base.
Kramnik easily operates with positional exceptions. By the way it's a rare gift. Petrosian possessed it. If you remember in the previous match Kramnik went for an endgame with two pairs of double pawns. The matter is that for the machine double pawns in endgame is already a disadvantage. If the rival has two pairs of double pawns then computer estimates its edge more than an extra pawn. Actually the position was equal. Computer can not understand it. It sharply began to play for a win and quickly lost the game.

Ilia Smirin, Israel

Kramnik has chances to win the match. I won the match against computer in 2002.
I played against four various programs: Shredder, Hiarcs, Junior, and sorry, have forgotten the name of the fourth. These were rapid games fifty minutes per game. Double rounds, one game per day. I won 5:3. The programs that time were weaker than now but even that time in majority they won. I played closed schemes with the white pieces and as Black - the King's Indian, and 1...e5 to 1.e4. I drew six games and won two games. One of them was very interesting. My situation was hopeless but I twice gave it a chance to win a piece. Once it restrained. The second time when I "blundered" a rook, the computer took it. I developed an irresistible attack and won. Kramnik can also use this inborn machine "greed".

Anatoly Vaisser, France

I estimate Kramnik's chances higher. Due to the fact that unlike Adams, Vladimir is exclusively "anti-computer" chess-player.
Besides, as far as I am concerned, there works a team and it's possible to try the forces and find weaknesses.

Konstantin Sakaev, Russia

Kramnik has chances to win the match. Firstly, unlike Adams who did not know his rival in the match with "Hydra", Kramnik was given the program in advance. Then, according to his manager's words there was a special serious preparation to this match and analytical team was searching for computer weak points - not only in opening preparation but also in usual play. They will definitely discover these weaknesses. Besides there is no certainty that the newest version of Fritz will be more powerful than the previous one. The conclusion is that to my mind Fritz is the favourite but I won't be surprised if Kramnik wins.

Teimour Radjabov, Azerbaijan

It is clear that the computer is a bit stronger. Especially because it will play at the powerful multiprocessor version. But I assume that it will be a drawn match. I also regard that Kramnik will select a certain opening repertoire corresponding to the machine. And, accordingly, will not let it play in a certain type of positions. Taking into account that from time to time he defends by the first computer line - within 25-30 moves, having chosen a certain position after the twentieth-twenty fifth move, Kramnik simply will be able to have equal chances. In certain moments he will close the position and the computer will not have chances to win.
Taking into account that he has already had computer playing experience he will not face difficulty to find such type of positions.

Vishy Anand, India

Usually such matches are drawn. It would be interesting to see something new.

Peter Leko, Hungary

If Kramnik seriously prepares (I am sure it will definitely happen) then despite the total complexity of the task I assume he has chances to win this match. In the end Vladimir has nothing to lose. Anyway everybody knows that computers are very powerful. Of course, people's comprehension is much more refined but for the machine it is an incredible advantage that it never gets exhausted.
This factor combined with the quick and exact calculation gives it additional advantage.

Sergey Karjakin, Ukraine

Kramnik has had time to prepare, I suppose, he will be able to organise at least persistent resistance. The chances to win the match are very little but there is a good possibility to draw the match.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Azerbaijan

Kramnik has already played a similar match ending it in a draw but being objective computer has more chances to win the match.

Ruslan Ponomarev, Ukraine

I suppose, it is more like a show and it is likely that there will be a drawn match. I don't think that the Fritz creators set the task to beat Kramnik with greater score.
They certainly wish to keep an intrigue. I played with Fritz twice in Bilbao. I drew one game, the other one I won. But these were "Fritz-8" and "Fritz-9". The toughest program was "Hydra". It differs from all these "Fritzes" and "Juniors". They used powerful systems from the 32-nd processors there. But it did not absolutely look like sports. It was impossible to check: the machine was located far away in Dubai, and the moves were transmitted via the Internet.

Alexander Grischuk, Russia

I regard it will be a drawn match or computer will win. There have been many drawn matches of this kind but the computer has more chances.

Levon Aronian, Armenia

A man has chances fighting against computer only in case he uses his own computer.

Anatoly Karpov, Russia

Kramnik has chances. But I don't understand why Vladimir being a serious man agrees to play on unequal condition. Computer should be deprived of the opportunity to use not only opening base but also endgame base too.
All mankind knowledge is installed in computer and Kramnik will struggle against not only computer but against all mankind knowledge.
These are unequal conditions. It should be excluded, or he must have the access to the same database. I don't understand why Kasparov also agreed with it. The man does not have the right to use the data and the computer has because the data is inside it.
It would be ideal to withdraw this base from the computer.
But none computer specialist would agree to do it. It means a man should be provided with the opportunity to use the same base which already exists in computer. And even the man is not provided with the base, time opportunities should be made equal. Because the program in process defines the necessary information in seconds and a man needs minutes for it. These questions for me all are clear. The third question. We will play on equal basis or almost on equal if the computer has an hour and a half and a man two hours fifteen minutes. Of course, this is doubted. Speaking further, one more serious moment will emerge. The programs have prime installation not to lose on time. Regarding time trouble, the program can not lose. And the man can.
I don't know how to make the situation equal.

Boris Gelfand, Israel

I have great relationship with Kramnik and I support him. And I absolutely do not care about the competition "man-computer".

Peter Svidler, Russia

Kramnik has chances but what will happen I am not sure.

Artyom Timofeev, Russia

The computer will win. Because computers play stronger than men.

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